How Do I Know Whether To Trust A Website On Microsoft Edge?

Nowadays more than 75% population of the world is going online for their different kinds of purposes. Then, the major question came that how do I know whether to trust a website on Microsoft edge? In this article, I will let you know the tips on how to check that the visited websites are secure and […]

How To Play DVD On Windows 10?

If you are wondering, what do you need to do, to play a DVD on Windows 10 operating system? Here is a guide on how to play DVD on Windows 10 to make your video experience better with effective sound quality and better video pixels. Microsoft makes playing DVDs a little confusing. As some versions of Windows […]

Google Chrome For Windows 10 Free Download

Windows 10 operating system comes with internet browser known as Microsoft Edge. But if you are not satisfied with it, you can easily download google chrome for windows 10. Google chrome is a quick and smart web browser with much more features. We miss these ultimate and suitable features of google chrome in other web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, […]

How To Screenshot On Windows 10?

Few of you may be struggling on how to screenshot on Windows 10. Just calm down!! I will tell you the easiest and simplest ways on how to take a screenshot in windows 10. Taking a screenshot is a simple and easy thing, but if you don’t know about the features of screenshot windows 10 to capture any […]

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