How to Disable Avast Antivirus on Windows 10 (Simple & Quick Method)

Hello everyone, today I am going to showyou how to disable Avast antivirus on your windows so first go to the task barand there you will see a Avast icon but if you don't see it then click thisto show all the hidden icons here we can see the icon of Avast Antivirus and now right click this icon and move your cursor to Avast shield control there youcan disable this for 10 minutes one hour or until you restart your computer andalso you can disable it permanently which I really don't recommend for youbecause if you disable it permanently then you will not get any protection whichcan cause some real damage to your PC so now I am going to disable it for 10minutes for now if you get a warning notification then click yes after you do that you will see that your antivirus will be turned off so if you want toturn it on again then go to the icon and right click it then go to Avast shieldcontrol and select enable all shields now your Avast will be fully protectedagain there is a another method if you want to disable it manually then go to Avast now go to settings now to the components here you can see all the shields are enabled and if you are disabled any of this then click here and select the direction you want it to be Disable again I'm going to select ten minutes by this you can manually disable all the shields and also to turn it on again just click this and you will see it will be turned on at once.

Source: Youtube