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If you seewindows sockets registry entries required for network connectivity are missing”, it seems that the actual registry entries are possibly corrupt. This may have affected TCP/IP. You need to know, this is considered a manual winsock reset of sorts, and involves modifying the registry. You must backup the full registry before you ever touch it. Also backup/export keys that you are intending to modify or delete. So the main goal is to use the registry editor to delete the winsock then remove and reinstall TCP/IP on Windows. OK to do this, follow these steps on windows 10.

  1. runKlicken windows logo + X, then tap on Lauf.
  2. regeditArt regedit then click OK.
  3. HkeyLocate the following subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services
  4. Scroll down to find Winsock. Right click and delete the entire Winsock key and the Winsock2 keys.
  5. Close regedit.

Now, re-install TCP/IP overtop itself

  1. network and sharing centreLogin as admin. In control panel open up, “Network and Sharing Center“.
  2. Right clickLocal Area Connection“, and then clickProperties“.
  3. Under the This Component Uses the Following Items dialog box, click Install.
  4. Klicken Protocol, and then click Add.
  5. Klicken Have Disk.
  6. In the Copy Manufacture’s files from box, type C.:\windows\inf and then click OK.
  7. In the list of protocols, click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then click OK.
  8. Restart computer.

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