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finestre 10 1903 Update KB4497935 (OS Build 18362.145) now available, release on May 29, 2019 e Applies to finestre 10 latest version & Windows Server. If you have enabled automatic Windows 10 updates, new updates will automatically download and install whenever they’re available.

If you don’t have Windows 10 1903 Version, vai a: Scarica Windows 10 ISO 1903 32 po / 64 po o Installa Windows 10 1903 con Windows Update Assistant.

Known Issues

Duplicate folders and documents showing in user profile directory

If you have redirected known folders (e.g. Desktop, Documents, or Pictures folders) you may see an empty folder with the same name in your %userprofile% directories after updating to Windows 10, version 1903. This may occur if known folders were redirected when you chose to back up your content to OneDrive using the OneDrive wizard, or if you chose to back up your content during the Windows Out-of-Box-Experience (OOBE). This may also occur if you redirected your known folders manually through the Properties dialog box in File Explorer. ​This issue does not cause any user files to be deleted and a solution is in progress.

To safeguard your update experience, we have applied a quality hold on devices with redirected known folders from being offered Windows 10, version 1903, until this issue is resolved.

Resolution: This issue was resolved in KB4497935. The safeguard hold will be removed following the June Update Tuesday release.
Note We recommend that you do not attempt to manually update to Windows 10, version 1903 using the Update now button or the Media Creation Tool until this issue has been resolved.

How to Get Windows 10 1903 Update KB4497935 (OS Build 18362.145)

  1. stampa Tasto Windows + io > Aggiornare & Sicurezza.
  2. Sopra aggiornamento Windows, click Download and install now.
  3. Wait Checking for updates
  4. Wait Downloading 100%.
  5. Wait Installing 100%.
  6. Restart now, or you can choose Schedule the restart.
  7. Done.

Nota: if you get problem to get Windows 10 1903 Update KB4497935 (OS Build 18362.145), stampa Tasto Windows + io > Aggiornare & Sicurezza > Risoluzione dei problemi > aggiornamento Windows.

How to get Windows 10 1903 Update KB4497935 (OS Build 18362.145) from Microsoft Update Catalog

Go to the Microsoft Update Catalog then search KB4497935. After it Download and install.

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