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Perhaps you have encountered a problem when a USB flash drive or USB-based media is suddenly not detected by Windows 10, with the messageUSB Device Not Recognizedcan be caused by various things.

USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 10To make sure that it is not our problematic USB drive (broken), you should try installing it on another computer or laptop if any. If on another computer the USB is still detected normally, it means your computer (finestre 10) is in trouble. Some of the following ways can be Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 10.

1. Restart Your Computer/PC Windows 10

The earliest way that can be done, maybe this can solve the problem.

2. Troubleshoot Hardware and Devices

  1. Open Settings, press Win key + io > Aggiornare & Sicurezza.
  2. Clic Risoluzione dei problemi > Hardware & dispositivi > Esegui lo strumento di risoluzione dei problemi.
  3. Wait for Detecting problems.
  4. Clic Apply this fix to Restart your PC.

3. Use Hardware and Devices troubleshooter from Control Panel

  1. stampa Tasto Windows + R > type control > ok.
  2. Scroll down then click Risoluzione dei problemi.
  3. On Hardware and Sound, click Configure a device.
  4. Clic Il prossimo.
  5. Wait for Detecting problems. Clic Apply this fix.

Nota: If steps above can’t Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 10, Hai bisogno Automatic Repair Tool. This tool can solve various problems including corrupt files, system partitions, boot sectors and drivers automatically. Vedere how to repair windows 10 using automatic repair tool.

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