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Uninstall McAfee Windows 10

How to Uninstalling McAfee in Windows 10 32 poco y 64 poco? Antes de eso, you must know McAfee is antivirus software tool that helps you detect viruses, spyware, and other malware. It can come preloaded onto your computer or can be installed by the user. Okay, Let’s follow steps in below to Uninstall McAfee Ventanas 10.

  1. Open Control Panel, right-click on the Windows icon in the lower-left corner of the Desktop view and selectControl Panel“.
  2. SeleccionePrograms and Featureso haga clic “Desinstalar un programa”.
  3. McAfee UninstallHighlight McAfee Security Center and click Desinstalar. If it doesn’t work, follow step 4.
  4. McAfee Uninstall 2Close all windows and restart the computer. This will ensure that no extra processes are running.
  5. Click Start and search for “services.msc”. Select it from the search results.
  6. McAfee Uninstall 3Right-click on each McAfee entry and select “Propiedades”.
  7. Click General tab > Hacer clic “Startup Typemenu and selectDisabled“.
  8. Click Recovery tab. Seleccione “Take No Actionfor when the service fails.
  9. Reboot your Computer.
  10. Back Control Panel. Highlight McAfee Security Center and click Desinstalar.

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