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How to Setting Up Apps Corner Windows 10 Móvil

  • If other people use your Windows phone, Apps Corner lets you set up a Start screen for them with only the apps that you choose.
    1. Go to Configuraciones > Accounts > Apps Corner.
    2. Seleccione Aplicaciones to pick the apps that you want in Apps Corner.
    3. Pin Apps Corner to comienzo.
    4. Press the Back button when you’ve finished.
    5. To use Apps Corner, tap the tile and press the Launch botón.
    6. When you get your phone back, press and hold the Power botón, then swipe over to close Apps Corner.
  • Nota: To prevent access to your own Start screen, use Protect my phone with a password > New password.

Export Setting Up Apps Corner Windows 10 Móvil

Apps Corner settings can be shared with other phones. (You’ll need an SD card and SD card slots on both phones to do this.)

  1. Seleccione Configuraciones > Accounts > Apps Corner > Advanced > Export to SD card.
  2. Insert the SD card into the other phone.
  3. Seleccione Configuraciones > Accounts > Apps Corner > Import from SD card. Note that the Import from SD card button only appears if there’s an Apps Corner settings file on the SD card.

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