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Set Bing Daily Image As Wallpaper in Windows 10 to first at is the screen of your desktop and see a beautiful wallpaper. Actually, this trend has come from the windows phone then Microsoft continued it in Windows 10. And now, i will share to you that your Desktop lock screen wallpaper can change itself daily on your Windows 10.

Tu dois savoir, the wallpaper that you will see at your Desktop will be Microsoft Bing images. Microsoft Bing changes its homepage daily with amazing and can be any motivational photo, scenic photo, animals photo etc.

Set Bing Daily Image As Wallpaper in Windows 10 can using Bing Desktop Installer & Daily Picture App. OK, you can choose one with steps below.

1. Set Bing Daily Image As Wallpaper in Windows 10 using Bing Desktop Installer

  1. Download Bing Desktop Installer.
  2. To install Bing Desktop, Cliquez sur Download, and follow the instructions. After installation, Bing Desktop appears on your Windows desktop.
  3. After install the Bing desktop application, from the upper right corner, Cliquez sur Paramètres > Preferences & from there un-tick the Show Bing Desktop icon on the taskbar as well as Show a search box on the taskbar options.
    After it, navigate to Paramètres > General & from there un-tick Turn on wallpaper toolset & Automatically paste copied text in the search box. In case you do not want this app to start at the time of booting, you can un-tick another option which is Automatically open when Windows starts under General settings.

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2. Set Bing Daily Image As Wallpaper in Windows 10 using Daily Picture App

  1. Open Microsoft Store > search Daily Picture then click app.
  2. Cliquez sur Get & Install.
  3. After installation complete, Launch.
  4. Daily Picture app will open up.
  5. After it app will download all the last week images from Bing. To configure it, click on the settings icône.
  6. Switch on Use Bing image as desktop wallpaper.

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