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How to Customize Screen Saver on Windows 10

Screen saver is one of the features in Windows 10 that displays an image or animation when there is no activity in a certain period of time. In Windows 10, this feature is by default disabled. So when you leave the computer in a while, the Screen Saver will not be active.

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If in earlier versions of Windows 10 you can find, set (enable) Screen Saver via Search, then in Windows 10 Creators Update that way is no longer valid. Well, on this occasion I will give a tutorial how to set Screen Saver in Windows 10 Creators Update. Here are the steps:

  1. prensa Clave de Windows + yo para abrir la configuración.
  2. Hacer clic Personalization.
  3. Hacer clic Lock screen luego Screen saver settings.
  4. Choose a screen saver from the drop down then adjust any options via the “Configuraciones” button, set how long Windows should wait before engaging the screen saver, and decide whether it should display the logon screen and ask for a password when resuming.
  5. Hacer clic Okay.

Okay, that’s How to Customize Screen Saver in Windows 10. How, very easy is not the way?

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