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If you get microsoft solitaire collection game won’t open on windows 10 or if you are experiencing issues with one of the games of freecell, mshearts, spider, winmine and cards.dll, you can reinstall Microsoft Solitaire Collection game to address the issue using Command Prompt.

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  1. Tipo Windows PowerShell in Start menu or taskbar search box to see Windows PowerShell in search results.
  2. Botón derecho del ratón on Windows PowerShell.
  3. Hacer clic Run as administrator option.
  4. In the PowerShell, type the following command Get-AppxPackage *solitairecollection* | Remove-AppxPackage and then press Enter key.
  5. Luego press Enter key to uninstall and remove Microsoft Solitaire Collection from your Windows 10.
  6. Once the command is successfully executed, you may close the PowerShell window.
  7. After it Microsoft Solitaire Collection should not appear in Start menu or other areas now.
  8. Reboot your PC/Laptop.
  9. Open the Windows Store, type Microsoft Solitaire Collection in the Store search box and then press Enter key to see Microsoft Solitaire Collection game in search results.
  10. Hacer clic Jugar.
  11. Choose Classic Solitaire.
  12. Enjoy the game.

Nota: Other method you can manually Download Game Classic Microsoft Collection. After downloading extract in your PC/Laptop then Open file and double click on solitaire.

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