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Cómo reparar el código de error de restauración del sistema 0x800700B7? Si su Windows 10 want Backup and Restore then you may have faced the error “System Restore did not complete successfully” accompanied by an error code 0x800700B7. Necesitas saber, error 0x800700B7 means an unspecified error has occurred which is preventing the System Restore program to run. Maybe while there is no particular cause of this error but it can be caused because of antivirus software conflicting with the system, or corrupt registry entries or system files because of 3rd party software, virus or malware etc.

Fix System Restore Error 0x800700B7 with Safe Mode

  1. prensa Win key + R > type msconfig > Okay.
  2. Escoger Boot tab > check Safe Boot > Okay.
  3. Luego Reiniciar your PC and system will boot into Safe Mode automatically.
  4. prensa Win key + R > type sysdm.cpl > Okay.
  5. Escoger System Protection Tab > click System Restore.
  6. Hacer clic próximo then choose the desired System Restore point.
  7. Then follow all instruction to complete system restore.
  8. Reboot, you may be able to Fix System Restore Error 0x800700B7 Windows 10.

Nota: Maybe you need disable Antivirus before restoring Windows 10.

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