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Come scaricare Windows 10 ISO 32 bit o 64 po

Scarica Windows 10 recommended using media creation tool because file formats optimized for download speed, built options for USBs and DVDs and optional conversion to ISO file format. So let’s follow steps in below Come scaricare Windows 10 ISO 32 bit o 64 bit using Media Creation Tool.

Before download finestre 10, your current version of Windows must activate. To make sure that it’s activated go to Inizio, search for File Explorer and select it from the search results. Right-click This PC and select Properties. Your Windows activation status is listed at the bottom.

Strumento di creazione multimedialefinestre 10 ISO Download 64 bit e 32 bit Steps:

finestre 10 ISO

  1. Download Media Creation Tool
  2. Run the Media Creation Tool
  3. Selezionare Upgrade this PC now if you’re upgrading the device that you downloaded the tool on. Selezionare Create installation media for another PC if you want to create media to upgrade a different device.
  4. Seleziona il linguaggio, edition e architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) for Windows 10.
  5. Follow the instructions to finish upgrade Windows 10.


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