By | October 16, 2017

How to disable etd control center in windows 10? etdctrl.exe is an ETD Control Center application from ELAN Microelectronics Corp that is a touchpad solutions for notebooks. So it enables the user the possibility to use multi-finger moves on the touch pad in a very similar way as in the smartphones screen.

But many user Windows 10 get error with ETD Control. If you get this error you can follow step below to fix or disable etd control center in windows 10.

Use Task Manager

  1. Open Task Manager with press Ctrl +Alt + Del in same time. You can also open Task Manager with right click on Windows logo then click task manager.
  2. Click more details then click Startup tab.
  3. Right click on ETD Control Center then click Disable.

OK, i hope steps above about How to disable etd control center (etdctrl.exe) in windows 10 can help you. If you still get this error, please comment in box.

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