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wsappx High Disk and CPU Usage 100% is the cause your Windows 10 running very slowly and you’re only running very few programs. The WASPPX process belongs to Windows Store program service (WSService) and many times is responsible for high CPU usage (100%) or high hard disk usage issues on the computer/PC.

When you check Task Manager, you will see wsappx hogging much of your CPU or Disk usage. In some cases, you will see wsappx (2) o wsappx (3), with the 2 o 3 indicating the processes listed under this category.

Risolto il problema con wsappx High Disk and CPU Usage 100% in Windows 10So when Disk or CPU running at nearly 100% is not a good sign. It means that there is very little space left for you to perform other programs. This cause everything slows down and your computer could be unresponsive. But don’t worry if you get this issue, you can follow steps Risolto il problema con wsappx High Disk and CPU Usage 100% in Windows 10 sotto.

1. Disable Windows Store

  1. stampa Tasto Windows + R then type gpedit.msc then ok.
  2. Clic Local Computer Policy then double click on Computer Configuration.
  3. Double click Administrative Templates.
  4. Double click on Windows Components.
  5. Scroll down then double Click on Store.
  6. Clic Turn off the Store application and click Edit policy setting.
  7. Check to Enabled. Clic Apply e ok to save and exit.
  8. Restart your PC.

2. Perform a Disk Check

  1. Ricerca Prompt dei comandi.
  2. genere
    chkdsk.exe /f /r
  3. stampa accedere, then type Y to confirm that you’d like to perform the disk check the next time you restart your computer.

3. Using Automatic Repair Tool Windows 10: go to here

4. Check Update Windows 10 with Latest Version.

  1. Vai a impostazioni.
  2. Clic Aggiornare & sicurezza.
  3. Clic Controlla gli aggiornamenti.

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