Por | diciembre 21, 2017

Sometimes Ventanas 10 Explorer crashes or not responding. The majority of people will restart the PC as a whole when Windows Explorer crashes / not responding, but actually you do not have to do it.

So what to do if Windows Explorer Crash / Not Responding on Windows 10?

Okay, you can restart Windows Explorer process without having to restart the PC as a whole. Just press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open Task Manager (you can also use CTRL + ALT + DEL, then select Task Manager) After that on the Processes tab, locate and select Windows Explorer, then right click to Reiniciar.

After that the screen will be a little dark for a few seconds because File Explorer will be restarted without going through restarting Windows as a whole. This method does not make the data or documents that you do lost, so if you experience Windows Explorer / File Explorer crash or not responding in Windows 10, the above is the most recommend to do.

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