Por | febrero 8, 2017

When you open Task Manager a little bit, you’ll see that svchost.exe service host: local system (network restricted) is causing the problem of high CPU usage. To improve your Windows performance, and get rid of the high CPU usage, you have to disable Superfetch service. Superfetch used to pre-load data from hard disk into RAM memory. So let’s follow this steps.

  1. servicesClick search on Cortana, tipo “servicesthen tap on Servicios.
  2. superfetchScroll down to Find Superfetch service, right click on it and click Properties.
  3. disabled superfetchEscoger Disabled luego Okay.
  4. Restart your computer.

After disabled Superfetch service, your CPU usage should get back to normal and you’ll be able to continue with work on your computer without any problems.

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