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DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION Blue Screen with a Bug Check code of 0x00000133 On Windows 10 is one of the most annoying Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) problems. Before you want to fix DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION on Windows 10, here’s the causes of the error:

  • HDD becomes unreadable.
  • SSD Firmware not up to date.
  • Old or damaged drivers.
  • BIOS that has not been updated.
  • Hardware incompatibility.
  • Hardware was not installed properly.
  • Overclock not done properly (in this case, do a BIOS Reset).
  • Malware infection.

How to Fix DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION on Windows 10

1. Replace iastor.sys driver

  1. Search and Open Device Manager.
  2. Right click on SATA AHCI > hacer clic Propiedades > Driver tab > Update Driver.
  3. Hacer clic Browse my computer for driver software.
  4. Hacer clic Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
  5. Seleccione Standard SATA AHCI Controller.
  6. Hacer clic próximo > Close > restart the PC.

2. Full scan system with Windows Defender

  1. Abierto Windows Defender.
  2. Hacer clic Virus & threat protection > Advanced scan.
  3. Comprobar el Full scan > Scan now.
  4. Wait to fix malware.

3. Run Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

  1. Abierto settings.
  2. Hacer clic Actualizar & seguridad.
  3. Hacer clic Solucionar problemas > Program Compatibility Troubleshooter > Ejecute el solucionador de problemas.
  4. Wait process then fix all.

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