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How to get files on documents and settings in windows 10? Where the location? Maybe you don’t see a documents settings folder like before to get the application data folders and so forth. Or you have show hidden files checked in personalization settings but you can’t finding documents or files in windows 10. OK, i will show you solution below.

All the application information’s have been saved under app folder in Windows 10. I would suggest you to open the drive which you have installed the operating system and follow the steps to find the app folder.

  1. Click on the drive which you have installed Operating system.
  2. Click on users.
  3. On the top you can see the view tab.
  4. Click on that and check hidden items.
  5. See the app folder.

Remarque: In Windows 10, no ‘C:\Documents and Settingsfolder anymore. You may find that folder’s contents in ‘C:\Users\YourUserID\AppData\Localfolder in Windows 10.

Simple method to get Documents Location

Type Document on Cortana, then click on result.

Why isn’t Cortana Available on my Windows 10 PC?

To use Cortana, your region and language settings have to be aligned. Check the following list of regions where Cortana is available, and the corresponding language for each of those regions.

  • Cortana is available in these regions for these languages:
    • Australia: English
    • Canada: English
    • China: Chinese (Simplified)
    • France: French
    • Germany: German
    • India: English
    • Italy: Italian
    • Japan: Japanese
    • Spain: Spanish
    • United Kingdom: English
    • United States: English
  • Remarque: If you change your region, you might not be able to shop at the Store, or use things you’ve purchased, like memberships and subscriptions, games, movies, TV, and music.
  • Mettre à jour: If your settings are correct but you still can’t use Cortana, installing the latest Windows Updates might fix the problem.

How to Activate Cortana Windows 10 and configure for your windows 10?

Follow this steps How to Activate Cortana Windows 10 to configure and start using Cortana on your Windows 10 PC.

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