By | June 26, 2018

4 Ways to Displaying On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10

Although your Windows/Computer doesn’t use touchscreen technology, your laptop computer screen can display a virtual keyboard. However, although it appears does not mean can be touched for typing. So you can use it by clicking per button using mouse help.

It does not make it simpler. However, sometimes On-Screen Keyboard can as a savior when the physical keyboard is damaged or can not be used.

1. By Taskbar

The first way is through the taskbar. Click use the mouse or touchpad, then the virtual keyboard will immediately appear on the screen below.

If there is no icon, the way is point pointer on the taskbar. Then right click, then will appear box. Check it as shown above.

2. By Settings

  1. Press Windows key + I > Ease of Access.
  2. Scroll down > Keyboard > On.

3. By Cortana

Search type: on screen > click result.4. By Keyboard Shortcut

Press Windows key + Ctrl + O

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