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I’ll give you a tutorial on how to let you know whether the Ventanas 10 device you’re using supports Miracast or not. For users of Windows 10 may already be familiar with Miracast technology. Well, for those of you who do not know, Miracast is a wireless technology that allows you to display the Windows 10 PC screen to televisions, projectors, monitors and other devices that support Miracast technology and usually the latest PCs already support Miracast technology.

Then with Miracast technology, you can also project the PC or other device screen to the Windows 10 device you are using utilizing the Wireless Display feature.

Okay, let’s follow How to Check Miracast Support on Windows 10 PC with steps below:

First step

The first way you should do is to open the Run program, the way is by pressing the Ventanas + R button.Once open, type dxdiag and if a new window (dxdiag) has appeared, you select Save All Information menu and save the file according to the location you want.

próximo, close the dxdiag window y open the file that you have saved using Notepad. Later, you will get information whether the Ventanas 10 device you are using supports Miracast or not.

The second way

The second way is the easiest way. You just go to Configuraciones > Sistema > Monitor. And if your device supports Miracast, then in the Multiple displays section, you’ll see the Connect to a wireless display option.

Well that’s How to Check Miracast Support on Windows 10 ordenador personal. How, very easy is not the way?

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