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Check Battery Health in Windows 10

In this tutorial i will show How to Check Battery Health in Windows 10 with Command Prompt. Knowing about the laptop battery is very important because Battery is an important part of laptops. The Command Prompt can provide you a pool of information about your laptop battery. The information that are furnished are info about your computer, installed battery, recent usage which will show you how the battery has been used, whether plugged or on battery, a graph showing the battery drainage over a period of 3 days, usage history and battery capacity history, battery life estimate etc. Let’s follow step by step Check Battery Health in Windows 10 in below.

  • Click on keyboard Windows logo + R to open Command Prompt.
  • check-battery-health-in-windows-10Hacer clic Okay.
  • Copy powercfg/batteryreport and paste. Then click Entrar.
  • battery-life-report-saved-toSee location on file explorer. (Battery life report saved to). Pictures in above location at C:\Users\user\battery-report.html.
  • Open file explorer then open location like in above, (C:\Users\user\battery-report.html)
  • battery-reportOpen battery-report with mozilla or other browser.
  • battery-report-mozillaYou can see Battery report like picture in above.

When you enter the command prompt command, the battery report is saved in an html file. So you can directly to File Explorer and open the html file will open via your default web browser.

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